Inobiz integration platform

Integration platform for complex and performance-critical environments
– EDI and message mapping system for EDI solutions with different ERP solutions
 Integration platform, development tools for transformation and data mapping used by over 500 customers

Integration platform

Inobiz is a leader in data integration and has been around since 1996. Inobiz integration platform and development tools for transformation and data mapping are installed at over 500 customers. Systemstöd has been working since the start with Inobiz as integration platform along with Sage X3 and Jeeves ERP systems. Inobiz integration platforms and development tools for transformation and data mapping are installed at over 500 customers. With Inobiz we deliver an integration platform for business partners (B2B/EDI), applications (A2A/EAI), Cloud / Saas, and data / database in one solution.

Inobiz products are mainly used in complex and performance-critical environments to integrate and connect systems within an enterprise (EAI) and / or between businesses (EDI), but also to integrate the systems with the Web (Internet).

Inobiz deliver the EDI message engine and mapping systems that Systemstöd use in all EDI solutions with Sage X3 and Jeeves ERP. Furthermore Inobiz is the integration platform for many other applications we deliver.

Inobiz integration platform

The Inobiz software is best described on the basis of its three main products:

Inobiz Development System 

Inobiz DS is the Graphical Data Mapping tool you use to create format conversions. In a visual environment, you can quickly and easily create the conversions to be used by the integration platform Inobiz IS or by the integration engine Inobiz RT.

Inobiz Integration Server 

In the Inobiz IS operating environment, you can configure flows to receive, convert and transmit data and monitor all traffic. It is a flexible,scaleable and yet powerful data-integration platform supporting a wide range of protocols.

Inobiz Runtime 

Regardless of it beeing XML, flat text files, EDIFACT, SQL databases or Excel, Inobiz RT is the right choice for software vendors who want to give their applications the most easily implemented conversion tools.

Set up an Interation with Inobiz Integration Server

Inobiz DS - Mapping X12 to XML

Inobiz DS - Mapping SQL to XML

Inobiz Transaction Monitor

See instructional vidoes about Inobiz integration platform here

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