Every company is unique and has different needs for solutions that suit them, but there is also much that is in common. Therefore, we are pleased and proud to represent the Sage X3 in Sweden, Sage Group's global ERP solution for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international demands. We are also a leading provider of consulting services for Jeeves ERP. We are convinced that it is vital that your employees like their business software for the work processes, to be more efficient and thus better profitability.

This is where we at Systemstöd as a experienced and competent business software provider comes into the picture. We have simplified and streamlined the operations of hundreds of companies and our ability to deliver on time to the budgeted cost is a loadstar.


ERP software

An ERP system is a software package with integrated IT systems to take care of a company's information management and meet a company's needs for management and administration. Here more about Sage ERP X3 business software.

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Business intelligence

A collective term for various methods of effective decision making, mainly by processing large amounts of information with help of decision support systems and algorithms for information extraction from different systems. Learn more about our solutions for BI.

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Integration platform

Inobiz is a leading solution for data integration, installed at more than 500 companies. We have been working since start with Inobiz integration platform and development tools for transformation and data mapping. Learn more about our integration platform Inobiz.

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Service companies account for the largest growth and more and more of the business in Sweden. And manufacturing companies increasingly see themselves as a service provider. Businesses need to take advantage of changes in order to develop new services and products. More about our solutions for efficient services. 

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Web platform

The market for e-commerce continues to grow, significantly faster than traditional retail. For many companies e-commerce generates business, communication with customers and strong user experiences. The web platform can also be used for the reporting of time or expenses. More about our web platform and e-commerce. 

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Industry solutions

Systemstöd has customers in many different industries and has over the years developed specific industry solutions that ensure effective implementations and a comprehensive, feature-rich business software. Here more about our industry solutions for retail, building materials and supplies, ironmongery as well as 3PL.

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