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Sage X3 ERP takes the complexity out of running a business with faster, easier and more flexible business applications. Sage X3 is the next generation of business software enabling your business to grow faster. Sage X3 provides all users with secure mobile access to all data and functions of the system from anywhere and on most popular platforms. Unlike traditional business applications, Sage X3 simplifies every part of your business, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world. 

              Systemstöd: a Sage X3 platinum partner in Sweden and the Nordic region

Systemstöd your Sage X3 Business Partner in Sweden has developed the Sage X3 localization, legislation for the Swedish market and translated Sage X3 to Swedish. Read more about Sage X3 Swedish localization here

Sagex3 snabbare


Sage X3 ERP accelerates all your core business processes, from sales, purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, customer service and financial management within one cohesive system.

Sagex3 enklare


Sage X3 ERP adapts to meet your requirements, user roles and preferences to deliver a quick-to-implement, simple-to-manage, and easy-to-use ERP software on any web browser or mobile device.

Sagex3 flexibelt


Sage X3 ERP manages your business in Sweden and internationally within distribution, manufacturing and services industries with functionality adapted to unique company rules and processes.

Ready for your industry



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Consistently deliver high quality goods

Sage X3 manages your entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively – from purchasing and scheduling to shop floor, inventory, sales and financials. The system provides better insight on quality and costs to promote strategic collaboration and improved operational efficiency.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Expand your market and control your costs

Sage X3 manages your entire operation faster and more efficiently – from purchasing to inventory, sales, and financials. The system provides better insight into costs and margins, whether you operate domestically or abroad. The results for your business are increased revenues, streamlined sales, improved inventory accuracy, and better business and demand planning.


Process manufacturing

We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Achieve product and process consistency

Sage X3 helps you manage your entire manufacturing operation faster and more effectively. From purchasing, scheduling, and managing the shop floor through inventory, sales, and financials and provides better insight on quality and costs to efficiently fill customer orders, optimize production planning, and ensure high quality.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Keep your customers satisfied

Sage X3 helps you successfully manage your entire project lifecycle – from quotation, launch and assignment through to tracking, periodic review, invoicing, and accounting. The system helps you to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace so you can focus on delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

More about Sage X3

Sage X3 has support for 15 different languages, either SQL or Oracle database platforms on Linux, AIX or Windows-based hardware. Below you can find leaflets and brochures with information about Sage X3 in logistics and distribution, manufacturing, services and process manufacturing.


Now you can grow faster, without getting bigger (Swedish) >
Brochure presenting the basics of Sage X3 around the user interface, modules and functions and business support for various industries.

Sage X3 Swedish localization >
We have translated Sage X3 into Swedish and developed the Sage X3 localization for Sweden. This localization is also applicable for Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Sage Solution Capabilities Guide >
A guide with an overview of all modules, functions and product features in the Sage X3

Architecture and system requirements >
Information on system requirements and setup for Sage Architecture for the platform used by Sage X3.

Distribution Industry >
Product sheet with information about how you can reduce costs, turnaround times, improve customer satisfaction and promote cooperation with Sage X3.

Distribution - Challenges and outlook for a fast-moving market >
Brochure about the challenges and future of companies with focus on logistics and distribution and how Sage X3 business software support these requirements.

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing >
Faced with global competition, today’s process manufacturers face daily challenges to meet the requirements of their markets. Product sheet about Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing. 

Process manufacturing and ERP: Worlwide customer insight >
Discover what current users of Sage X3 think about their challenges and how they are handled in Sage X3.

Grow forward with faster, simpler, and flexible ERP >
Increase productivity and revive profitable growth with a faster, simpler and more flexible ERP solution.

Sage X3: Top seven enhancements >
News and improvements in the latest versions of Sage X3.

Sage X3 - Sage Enterprise Intelligence >
Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an intuitive business intelligence solution integrated with Sage X3 business software.

Benefits of mobile ERP function in manufacturing >
Five benefits of mobile ERP function in manufacturing.

Supporting workplace mobility with ERP >
For mid-sized businesses, quick and secure access to real-time business information via mobile devices will become an enabler for modern commerce.

Sage X3 Modules

Sage X3 business software offers rich and integrated functionality to support all your business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Manage your finance

Sage X3 covers financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments and fixed assets. In addition Sage X3 handles transfers from one country to another and between subsidiaries and your headquarters. The flexible accounting structure (multi-ledger and multi-chart of accounts) promotes a real-time global vision while accommodating local operational requirements.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Manage your suppliers

Sage X3 seamlessly manage the purchasing process from beginning to end, starting with management of RFQ’s, input and follow-up of replies and integration into the purchase price list.

process tillverkning


We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Accelerate sales

Sage X3 provides quick and easy access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts and carriers. You can issue customer quotations, book orders, transmit order acknowledgements, manage contracts, view and allocate goods from stock and manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Satisfied customers

Delight your customers with exceptional customer service. Full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, finance and manufacturing provides a 360-degree understanding of customer activity, all within a single business management system.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Optimize your stock

Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status. Inventory control is configurable by site with Sage X3 (multi-site, multi-warehouse and multi-location management). Incorporate control functions including total traceability of inventory quantities and lot and serial numbers in real time both upstream and downstream through material flow management.

process tillverkning


We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Improve production planning

Get to market quickly by managing all of your manufacturing processes with one complete system. Sage X3 supports planning, scheduling and production control activities for both process and discrete manufacturing. Sage X3 is also flexible enough to adapt to unique or mixed manufacturing modes.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Get valuable insights

Provide your team with the information they need to make faster and more strategic decisions. Real-time analytics, alerts and notifications empower each role in your organization to respond quickly to changing business conditions.



We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Increase cooperation

Sage X3 increases efficiency and cooperation with your team by integrating your document workflow into a single, coherent, searchable library. Integrated with your Microsoft Office suite.

process tillverkning


We are your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and the Nordic region Gain better efficiency

Let the users themselves increase the usability, productivity and availability of your business software by providing high personal access to relevant data within and between departments and job roles.


Now your business can benefit from an ERP system with high functionality and security in the cloud without the complexity and cost of the typical business system. In Sage X3 ERP you would find a solution that simplifies the management of all aspects of your business. From manufacturing, logistics and distribution to finance and keep your organization efficient and ready to grow.

Funktionality and integration

Do not compromise between functionality and cloud technology. Sage X3 can handle all your financial, distribution and manufacturing processes in an integrated cloud solution, so you can streamline operations, gain real-time insight and increased performance wherever you are.

Global organizations

Do not let a cloud solution limit your ambitions to expand. Sage X3 supports management of distributed and international businesses, manage complex organizational and reporting structures (multi-company, multi-site, multi-ledger and multi-legislation).

For varius industries

Do not be limited by a one-size-fits-all cloud solution. Sage X3 is designed for manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and service companies, providing comprehensive and complete functions that allow you to manage your business more quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility and scalability

Do not let technology affect your business needs. Sage X3 offers unprecedented flexibility to adapt to your unique workflows and processes and alternative ways to move your own infrastructure without loss of data or functionality.

Safety, performance and scalability

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. Sage X3 builds on the world-leading Amazon Web Service cloud infrastructure to deliver the most scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform, with the largest number of certifications and strict compliance with the guidelines and local laws and regulations.

Web and mobile

Sage X3 provides all users with secure mobile access to all data and functions in the system from anywhere and on the most popular platforms like iOS and Android. Users can easily customize the HTML5 interface to their needs and wishes.

Flexible and scalable to support your entire business

Sage X3 offers powerful features that can be configured to meet the unique way you operate and do business. Sage X3s flexible data model supports complex organizational and reporting structures. This simplifies and streamlines the management of several plants, companies or business units, regions and countries from a single installed instance of the Sage X3.

Personal web and mobile user experience

With Sage X3 we introduce a better and more personalized user experience with secure web and mobile technology at its core. Whether is they are in the office or on the road, all Sage X3 users have access to the information they need in an intuitive interface, personalized to their role. Distribution of Sage X3 to all users via mobile and web enables access to common business data from anywhere and on any device and platform. Sage X3 has an HTML5 interface that provides an intuitive user interface in the browser and allows extensive personalization.

Sage X3 mobilt

Ready for your industry

Unlike other business software and ERP systems that are highly dependent on add-on software and integrations to support industry-specific processes, Sage X3 includes features that are ready to use in most companies in distribution, manufacturing and service. Sage X3 has a flexible web services technology, which allows for easy integration and access to complementary solutions when required.

Sage X3 för olika branscher

Ready to manage your business processes

Sage X3 provides rich functionality to support all your key business processes with minimal investment in IT and resources.
Systemstöd: your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and Scandinavia Integrates purchasing, inventory, equipment, manufacturing, sales, customer service, accounting and finance.
Systemstöd: your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and Scandinavia A solution with the possibility of workflow automation to accelerate business processes and improve follow-up in all areas of the business.
Systemstöd: your Sage X3 ERP certified Partner in Sweden and Scandinavia Embedded analytics for deeper insight into the business with faster reporting, communication and decision making.

Sage X3 för global verksamhet

Ready to grow in a global business

Sage X3 eliminates the complexity of managing international business. It simplifies the management of international trade with suppliers, contractors, partners and customers (multi-language, multi-currency) and handle global operations from a single installed instance (multi legislation, multi-ledger, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-company).

Affärsprocesser Sage X3


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