Web platform

The market for e-commerce continues to grow worldwide, significantly faster than traditional retail. E-commerce is spreading to new sectors in addition to the retail sector where for example electronics industry, building materials, sporting goods stores and toy stores recognize the value of a good e-commerce. For any business, e-commerce generate good business, relevant communication and strong user experiences.

Orchard CMS

With this set of requirements has Systemstöd has developed a web platform based on the Orchard CMS, which is totally integrated with ERP systems. Orchard CMS is a free, open source software based on the latest .NET technology from Microsoft. The system is built with MVC 3 and developed by a community. It is a scalable system where it is easy both to customize the look and to build new features.


Today effective e-commerce is not a standalone "web shop". A modern, effective e-commerce solution is about a more integrated system and solution. The Nordic region is among the regions that are the most connected and the opportunities offered within on e-commerce, in terms of integration with customers and suppliers are endless. If you do not have a digital channel, but are considering to start working with e-commerce, here are details of our e-commerce solution integrated with ERP systems.


Time & expenses

The employees time is your company's most important asset. Therefore, the optimized use of time and simplicity in reporting time spent on various projects or tasks and manage projects is important. It should be done as simple as possible with the least possible inconvenience to the employees. Our solution for time reporting and expenses is from the start flexible and adaptable and can be easily handled and taken care of  wherever you are.

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Custom e-commerce

Our e-commerce platform, built on and developed in Orchard CMS, which is a free, open source CMS tool based on the latest .NET technology from Microsoft. It is a scalable system where it is easy both to customize the look and to build new features.
Our e-commerce platform based on the Orchard CMS is fully integrated with Sage X3 and Jeeves ERP. This means that all the important information is synchronized between your e-commerce platform and the ERP system without manual steps to be carried out. Different order types, availability of products, price information for different customer categories, promotions or payment information, everything is integrated from day 1. It gives you an efficient and seamless e-commerce. Through the complete integration your company can increase its business value in a smart way and save a lot of manual work. Though we work with standard solutions our deliveries,  including the integrations between your Sage X3 or Jeeves ERP and the e-commerce platform will be customized for your unique business and needs over time.

Own ideas

Do you have your own ideas on a web solution or application integrated with your ERP? We will help you! The web platform is adaptable and all the information in your ERP system is available. Whether it is a CRM functionality, case management, order entry or time reporting, we solve it including the integration with end users with a web solution that is responsive and works on smartphones and tablets as well as being fully integrated with your ERP system.

Contact us for your ideas about web and ERP here

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