Do you want to be a Sage X3 Partner
in the Scandinavian market?

Sage X3 ERP is currently used by +7500 companies in more than 80 countries, it's developed by Sage – the world's third largest developer of ERP systems.

We are looking for new Sage X3 partners to increase our presence and delivery capacity in the Scandinavian market.

The Sage X3 partner program with Systemstöd gives you an efficient start and support from sales to implementation of the first projects. As a Sage X3 partner in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark, you work closely with Systemstöd and Sage in everything from marketing activities to deliveries.

As a Sage X3 partner you have

Sage X3 product support: access to extensive training materials, guides and product training around Sage X3, support for implementation, development and technology issues.

Sage X3 sales and marketing support: access to Sage X3 local and international marketing materials and marketing campaigns - Sage Marketplace, support for lead and prospect generation in various markets and product demonstrations.

Sage X3 contact network locally and internationally: help and support when you need it from Systemstöd. At the same time direct access to Sage's international network of partners in Sage Partner Hub and online in Sage University.

Sage X3 support: Systemstöd can help you as 1st and / or 2nd line support.

Target groups for Sage X3 ERP

The target group for Sage X3 is medium-sized companies and / or subsidiaries of large companies with international operations. Sage X3 is currently used by +7500 companies in more than 80 countries in many different industries.

Sage X3 ERP verticals and industry solutions in Scandinavia  

Sage X3 is adapted for Swedish legislation and translated into Swedish and also translated into about 20 different languages and located for about 30 countries.

Swedish localization for Sage X3

Systemstöd has developed the Sage X3 localization for Sweden. This localization is also applicable for Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Swedish Scandinavian (Norway, Finland, Denmark) localization Sage X3 ERP

Read more about Sage X3 ERP localization for Scandinavia >

More about becoming a new Sage X3 partner in Scandinavia 

Contact me, Fredrik Jansson CEO of Systemstöd on +46 706 07 65 17 or if you want to know more about becoming a Sage X3 Partner in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark.


Freedom of choice: Cloud or On-Premise

Sage X3 offers a complete freedom of choice in terms of how your customer wants to operate and manage Sage X3.

Sage X3 On-Premise/Subscription
Sage X3 runs on the customer's own IT environment or at the customer's hosting partner. Sage X3 licenses can be purchased according to a traditional model or by annual subscription.

Sage X3 Cloud
Sage handles operations, infrastructure and monitoring together with Systemstöd. Where Sage X3 and its platform on AWS with services are delivered as a "Private Cloud" with an annual subscription.

Systemstöd Cloud
Systemstöd handles operation, infrastructure and monitoring. Where Sage X3 and its platform with services are delivered as a "Private Cloud" with an annual subscription.

Explore Sage X3

Read about features in Sage X3 Solution Capabilities Guide >

video Sage X3 partners

See Sage Product Tour >

Sage X3 – Not your typical ERP

Sage X3 gives your customers in Scandinavia the power to respond quickly when issues happen across the globe to minimize the impact on their business and customers.

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